We support the Folding@Home Project and provide parts of unused CPU/GPU capacities of this cluster.

Fair Use Rules

Your server will automatically shut down after 15 minutes without user interaction or running calculations.
However, thanks to 30 seconds of auto-saving, you can restart your server at any time to pick up where you left off.
Max. 24h runtime: After 24 hours your server will be shut down in any case (even with user interaction and running calculations).
GPUs are expensive and scarce: so please request GPU resources only when you really need them.

Restricted user group

This service is still under construction and can therefore only be provided to a limited user group until further notice.
You have to join the GPU Cluster Gitlab group.
Please contact myLab with your requirements (e.g. thesis or research project in the area of Machine/Deep Learning or similar).
We also offer the simpler JupyterLab. Check if this is sufficient for your needs. JupyterLab will be discontinued in the near future and replaced by this service.
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